Dog Training in Ibiza – Eivissa

Empathic & Efficient Dog Trainer located in Ibiza

How does it work ?

1 – Understanding behavior
2 – Understanding emotions
3 – Learning to communicate

Improving the bond with your dog is the best way to communicate


Hello, I am Liam, a Dog Trainer in Ibiza and my aim is to improve both your quality of life and that of your dog, by helping you understand what your pet is trying to tell you, and by giving you the necessary tools required for successful communication.

If you don’t understand why your dog does the things he does and you don’t know how to guide him, you will not be able to change his behaviour.

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Liam James McGurk Dog Trainer Ibiza & Barcelona

For more information, visit

liam james mcgurk . dog trainer Ibiza

Alternatively call me on +34 620640324 or contact me on social media

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